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03. November 2022 | Veranstaltungen,

Fit people - fit systems

How sport and preventive care relieve the burden on the healthcare system

On October 22, 2022, the starting shot of a new lecture series of the Freedom Education Institute on the topic "Fit People - Fit Systems" took place in Redleiten. After being welcomed by FPÖ Secretary General NAbg. Michael Schnedlitz, the participants received information from Markus Mlinar, top athlete and trainer, on the topics:

    Development and efficiency of the health care system in Austria.
    Treatment costs, precautionary state and preventive self-help
    Corona measures and their effects on public health
    Red alert: mental health in children and adolescents
    Promotion approaches in amateur and professional sports - back to the sports nation

In the practical part of the seminar, health-promoting possibilities in clubs, schools or in the family were demonstrated, and approaches from professional sports were trained.

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