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Economic and Education Policy Delegation Trip to Central African Countries

Promotion of cooperation in the area of training

At the beginning of February 2020, a Freedom Party delegation consisting of National Council members MMMag. Dr. Axel Kassegger (Foreign Policy Spokesperson), Erwin Angerer (Economic Spokesperson) and Hermann Brückl (Education Spokesperson) traveled to the African countries Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Republic of Gabon and Republic of Equatorial Guinea. During these country visits, important questions about bilateral cooperation and opportunities for educational policy exchange were addressed.

The working meetings in the individual countries were accompanied by great media interest, so that a report on the delegation was regularly shown on the main national TV evening program.

The working meeting with the Congolese President of the Committee for Culture, Science and Technology, Boniface Ngoulou, in particular, showed how important high-quality educational qualifications are in order to strengthen the development of the Republic of Congo in both the social and technological sectors. The promotion of mutual cooperation in the field of education and training opportunities would be qualified to promote the independence and development of the Republic of Congo.

Similar needs and wishes with regard to the acquisition of specialist knowledge were also identified during the exchange of experiences with the members of parliament and the Vice President of the National Assembly of the DRC - Balamage N'Kolo Boniface.

The particularly extensive work program in Equatorial Guinea once again reinforced the impression of the importance of strengthening the local education and science landscape. Education and economic policy issues were discussed together with Foreign Minister Excmo.Sr. Bonifacio Mitogo Bindang, individual parliamentary group leaders and chairmen of various committees. There was a consensus that economic development can only be possible if appropriate framework conditions are developed and created, from primary to tertiary education.

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