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We are committed towards freedom of speech, a liberal and enlightened world view and interpersonal values.

The FPÖ Educational Institute is committed to political education. In cooperation with renowned experts, we offer political, cultural, economic, legal and social education at national and international level to every Austrian citizen. We aim to help shape and promote participation in democratic processes in Austria, raise the standards of political discourse and the basis of decision-making in order to establish a new political style. To this end we use a clear and generally understandable language and adopt an inquisitive and open approach.  

1. The FPÖ Educational Institute is a political society carrying out the democratic and civic educational work of the Freedom Party of Austria.  

2. We are devoted to a liberal world view and a liberal self-perception of people and society. We consider freedom to be the supreme good.  

3. The liberal system of values ­– in particular, ensuring a diversity of opinions, awareness of traditions as a foundation for shaping our future together, and encouraging individual and social responsibility – is key to our work in Austria and abroad. 

4. Our responsibility is to foster and support liberal democracy, rule of law and social order, a culture of independence and active civil society, social market economy, the development and strengthening of a liberal value system based on a broad consensus in Austria, Europe and the world. We aim to encourage citizens’ participation in political decision-making in the spirit of direct democracy and to strengthen their readiness to act responsibly. It is precisely direct democracy that requires the participation and the contribution of responsible, enlightened and democratically educated citizens. 

5. By doing substantial educational work we contribute to enhancing a reflective, historical and political awareness in order to learn from the past and shape the future. We focus on issues relevant for the future in the fields of politics, economy, society, art, religion and science. 

6. Spreading a liberal and enlightened world view as well as liberal and democratic fundamental principles should increase the standards of political discourse and the bases on which decisions are made in general, as well as strengthen democracy and the quality of democracy in Austria. 

7. Designed to enhance political awareness and encourage independence, our educational content is practical and workable. Our tools include training, colloquia and publications. We provide documents on contemporary history, scientific backgrounds and current analyses of political action. 

8. The annual programme and budget are planned to be flexible on purpose to implement as many original projects of the FPÖ Education Institute as possible on the one hand, and to meet the educational requirements of the FPÖ on the other. We think in terms of priorities, develop options, coordinate and interact with the relevant bodies of the Party, always taking into consideration the civic educational mandate that lies at the heart of our activities. 

9. We express ourselves clearly and show appreciation. We are open to dialogue and show respect towards all internal and external stakeholders, towards our colleagues in particular, whose motivation is essential to implement our educational mandate. 

10. Through national and international education we contribute to cultural self-determination, individual freedom and dignified interaction among citizens. We place people at the centre of our activities. Our mission is to help shape a common future in peace, freedom, respect and prosperity.

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