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Freedom Party European Policy

Invitation to an Online Seminar

We warmly invite anyone with an interest in the subject to an online seminar on “Freedom Party European Policy” organised by the political academy of the FPÖ and the FPÖ Academy Vienna.

Topic: Freedom Party European Policy

Time:      Thursday, 17 February 2022, 6:00pm to approx. 9:30pm.

Place:      Online Seminar Room WEBEX


  • The development of the EU
  • The workings of its institutions
  • What guides Freedom Party European policy?
  • Who are the FPÖ’s partners in Europe?
  • The EU and the nation state
  • EU Migration Pact, the Green Deal and other EU projects
  • European policy and its influence on Vienna
  • Discussion

Trainers: Carl Gustaf Ströhm and Ernst Manuel Fasser

Carl Gustaf Ströhm has worked as the press spokesperson and political advisor for the FPÖ delegation in the European Parliament since 2014. Among other things, he coordinates the FPÖ’s European policy work in Brussels. His main focus is on European security and foreign policy, and enlargement policy in the context of EU enlargement on the Western Balkans.

Ernst Manuel Fasser has worked for the FPÖ delegation in Brussels for more than 7 years. His political focus is asylum and immigration law, and energy law. As a legal expert who studied at the universities of Graz and Bonn he is also involved with many aspects of the EU legislative process.

Instructions on how to take part in the webinar as well as access data will be sent personally by e-mail to all registered participants.

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