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“Economic warfare - heavy losses without a drop of blood”

Hon. Prof. Brig. Dr. Harald Pöcher on economic wars

In a presentation organised in cooperation with the Liberal Club, Hon. Prof. Brig. Dr. Harald Pöcher talked about strategically significant security-related processes, methods and tools used in international economic warfare in his lecture entitled “Economic warfare - heavy losses without a drop of blood”. Pöcher gave insight into the forms of political distribution of power and historical developments at international level, and went on to explain the use of non-military tools such as subsidies, money laundering, head-hunting, cyber warfare, espionage and also the targeted use of viruses and bacteria in particular, and about the devastating damage inflicted by them. The lecture held on 26 February 2019 in Vienna was followed by a hundred guests.

Image: Hon. Prof. Brig. Dr Harald Pöcher (right) and Dr. Peter Fichtenbauer, President of the Liberal Club

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